EPAL 1 Europallet

EPAL 1 Europallet with its measurements of 800×1200 mm is the most popular pallet. The top outer boards (positioned longitudinally) and three boards positioned along the pallet are made of solid wood and brackets are made of solid or ground wood.

A pallet weights about 25 kg, however its weight depends on, for example, density and dampness of wood.

Each EPAL pallet is made of solid wooden elements that can carry heavy loads – the pallet bearing capacity is max. 1500 kg. In Poland, Europallets can be manufactured under a special licence granted by EPAL.

Did You know?

The first pallets appeared in the 40s of the 20th century and were used for military supplies purposes during the war. Most often such pallets were of very por quality and could be used once only. Certified pallets appeared in 1961. They were used not only in the military sector. They were used in a way that they are used nowadays, namely for transport and storing of products.


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